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Saturday, January 12th, 2008 ★ 5:50pm

[ mood | amused ]

Not as much as last time, but only because school started, and I haven't had much time to make any. In fact, I made all these during the break, lol, but just didn't post them up because:
a) I was too lazy.
b) I've already been spamming everybody's f-pages enough.

Once again, thanks to everybody for your wonderful comments, and also for joining the comm.! We have 74 members now. Let's see how long it will take us to hit 100, lol.

We've also got a few new affiliates, so check them out, too.

○ 04. alice nine.
● 04. An Cafe
○ 01. heidi.
● 02. Kra
○ 01. LM.C
● 01. Claymore
○ 03. Death Note cosplay
● 03. Digimon

sorrow on brier,regret at treason.Collapse )

Remember to COMMENT and CREDIT if you take any of these!
And if you join, I'll give you access to Saga's pants lots of love.

Btw, if you're already a member, head over here and tell me which artist(s) you'd like to see more icons of!

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Friday, January 4th, 2008 ★ 1:18pm

[ mood | cheerful ]

Wow, barely 24 hours, and I've got a fresh new batch of icons, already?! This is just to show you how little of a life I have, lol, since I just made them all this morning.

Thank you so much, everybody, for all your nice and wonderful comments on my first post. 8D ♥ They are what inspire me to keep making more icons! And I'm glad so many people like my icons, or else I'd have no purpose for doing this. XDD

Okay, okay. Before you click that LJ-cut, let me just say a few things, just so I don't get like flamed/bitched at/hated or anything:
o1. Miku makes me cringe, and I don't like An Cafe, but they were some pretty awesome photo shoots that just had to be made into icons. Plus, other people who do like An Cafe might like these icons. And for those who don't, we can enjoy making fun of them (the icons, I mean).
o2. I love Ryuutarou. He will forever be a sexy man.
o3. Loki scares me, and I would not want any sugar from him, kthx.

I hope KFC doesn't sue me for stealing their slogan. >D

○ 02. 12012
● 01. abingdon boys school
○ 04. alice nine.
● 10. An Cafe
○ 01. the GazettE
● 04. Kra
○ 03. LM.C
● 03. Nightmare
○ 01. Plastic Tree
● 01. Sugar
○ 01. PSCompany bassists
● 01. Bioshock

I believe myself & my best friends,and you.Collapse )

Remember to COMMENT and CREDIT if you take any of these!
And you know you want to join~. 8D ♥

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0001. [
Thursday, January 3rd, 2008 ★ 1:51pm

☆★☆ HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR!! ☆★☆

Hihi, everyone. I really missed making icons so I've decided to revive happyhime, just because it's so much less of a hassle than to create a new community altogether. Seeing all the pretty icons everybody else was making really inspired me to keep going.

I am the maintainer of this community, honeytrip, previously known as trickarnival. So yes, I am one and the same person, in case everybody was wondering where trickarnival disappeared off to. So anyhoo, let's cut the chit-chat and go straight onto the graphics, shall we?

○ 01. 12012
● 34. alice nine.
○ 01. Ayabie
● 03. bis
○ 01. Dollis Marry
● 02. DOREMIdan
○ 04. Fatima
● 06. the GazettE
○ 05. Kazoku
● 03. KuRt
○ 01. Nightmare
● 01. PANIC☆ch
● 01. Sadie
○ 01. Shelly Trip Realize
● 01. Shulla
○ 01. Soroban

Does daydreaming satisfy you?Collapse )

○ 07. 12012
● 06. 176BIZ
○ 28. alice nine.
● 01. An Cafe
○ 03. Ayabie
● 01. D'espairsRay
○ 04. the GazettE
● 02. hurts
○ 01. kannivalism
● 01. Kra
○ 01. KuRt
● 01. Plastic Tree
○ 01. Sadie
● 01. SID

I feel cosmic world.Collapse )

○ 02. alice nine.
● 07. Nightmare

Black or white, jewel or stone.Collapse )

Wow, what a long post. Anyway, hope everybody like these graphics. And if you don't, well, too bad, lol. That's not my problem. XD
Remember to COMMENT and CREDIT if you take any of these. If anybody has any trouble with crediting, just leave a comment, and I'll write a tutorial. Or, rather, I'll find one online because I'm lazy, haha. Although, really, it's easy as hell.

I'll update whenever I can, and hopefully it won't be once every 6 months, which is what happened last time. Oh, yeah, and please join. 8D ♥

67 princessesSMILY!!

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